19/99. #composerlifestylez

19/99. #composerlifestylez

PLEASE REBLOG Last chance to save Net Neutrality



There’s only 36 hours left comment on the FCC’s proposal to allow for Net Neutrality-shredding “Internet fast lanes” that let phone companies to pick Internet winners and losers—it’s time to act.

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We always knew Terry Riley was magical.


We always knew Terry Riley was magical.

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All sound, even continuous musical variation, is conceived as an assemblage of a large number of elementary sounds adequately disposed in time. In the attack, body, and decline of a complex sound, thousands of pure sounds appear in a more or less short interval of time. — Iannis Xenakis

Inscrutable Are Christians


Inscrutable laughs looking quite vintage
are Christians going or naw?

Exculpate is a good word as words go
I love you in a different way

Man oh man that’s a nice beard
it’s amateur night hardly a seance

What are you even or quite odd?
will it have a second seasoning?

Thinks have changed like good smells